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Skin Care Range.
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Aerosol Range NSF/INS Category H1.
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Aerosol Range  

Shoe Fresh The No.1 Shoe Steriliser

Barrier Cream. Chain & Wire Lubricant.
Graphited Penetrating Oil. White Grease with PTFE.
Clear Fine Oil. Non-Silicone Mould Release.
Clear Penetrating Oil. Clear Grease.
WD anti Rust Agent. Clear Chain Lubricant.
Cutting & Tapping Fluid. Drive & Bearing Lubricant.
Belt Dressing Anti Slip. Silicone Grease.
Open Gear Lube. Aluminium Anti-Seize.
Silicone Lubricant. Copper Anti-Seize.
Moly Dri Film Lubricant. Electrical Cleaner.
Food Safe Lubricant. PTFE Dry Film Lubricant.
Acrylic Finishing Paints.
Matt Black Paint. Grey Primer Paint.
Satin Black Paint. White Primer Paint.
Gloss Black Paint. Red Primer Paint.

Aerosols registered with both NSF and European body INS Services under Category H1.

Dissolv-it NSF/INS Fast Dry Solvent. EEZ-IT NSF/INS Penetrating Oil.
White Grease NSF/INS. Slip-Stop NSF/INS Belt Dressing.
Multi-Lube NSF/INS Food Grade Lube. Water Displacement NSF/INS.
Electro-Solv NSF/INS Electrical Cleaner. Silicone Release NSF/INS.
Link-Lube NSF/INS Chain Spray. Stainless Steel Cleaner NSF/INS.
Non-Stick NSF/INS PTFE Dry Film.  
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