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Alcohol Hand Sanitiser.


A rapid drying, non-rinse hand sanitiser designed to prevent the spread of contaminating organisms.  Proven to kill both gram negative and gram positive bacteria containing Trichlosan, which is an effective, skin- friendly bactericide.  Suitable for all skin types.

Bactericidal Hand Soap.

A high active bactericidal hand soap and skin cleanser with a controlled foam level.  A thick, liquid made from high quality surfactants and biocides, is odourless and taint free.  Suitable for preserving hand hygiene in all areas.  As a non-tainting and odourless product, is essential for use in food environments.

Barrier Cream.

Protects your hands from most types of industrial soiling with this premium blend of skin-care ingredients, which shields them from potential causes of skin irritation and leaves them moistened and replenished.

Red Beaded Hand Gel.

Quality DOUBLE ACTION heavy duty hand gel for removing dirt and grime contains poly-beads for extra cleaning power.  Suitable to remove oil, grease, ink, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paint, plaster, creosote, mud and ground in soils from the skin.


Hand Cleaner Towels, unique, waterless hand-cleaning system, apart from normal dirt and soils. SCRUBS will remove heavy grease, lubricants, adhesives, tar, inks, wax and many other difficult to remove soils such as coal dust, graphite and grass stains etc.

X-Clean Hand Cleaner.

Solvent and alkali-free hand cleaner which is kind to skin as it is solvent free.  Based on specially selected detergent wetting agents in a balanced formulation giving excellent performance, leaving the hands soft and fresh-smelling.  Exceptional cleaning power without being harsh to the skin, completely soluble in water, bio-degradable, anti-septic additive to treat cuts and grazes.

Modular Dispensers.
  Our unique, durable and attractive dispensers cater for both liquid and gel soap applications.  They have a large push button area that is easily operated by hand or elbow.  The unique locking mechanism deters unauthorised entry.
  Pump dispenser for 5 litre bottles.
  Pump dispenser for X-Clean.
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